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  • Training of pipe layers and welders

    In the company ROHRMONTAGE, we have our own school for the education of welders and pipe layers. In this school, candidates are practically and theoretically trained in various welding and pipe activities.

    The main task of the training is to implement a program for education and training of welders and pipe layers. Education involves both the practical and theoretical part.

    The theoretical part of the training of welders covers welding processes, welding sources and the welding arc, basic and filling materials and welding gas.

    Welding techniques according to MAG, ORBITAL, TIG and REO, designation of welded joints in plans, welding errors and inspection, welding economics, preheating, annealing and cooling.

    The practical part includes attesting according to EN 287/1 and the P91 – 141/111 procedure – welding the root according to TIG procedure on pipes – 141, welding of filling welds according to the REO procedure on pipes – 111, welding butt welds on pipes in mounting position under a 45-degree angle, annealing according to the WPS procedure.

    Education is carried out by welding technologists and welding engineers. In order to carry out quality education and controlling, the company has trained an international welding engineer – IWE, besides it has two international welding technologists – IWT, welding specialist and two welding instructors.

    The theoretical part of the training of pipe layers covers the basic procedures of preparing the material for the execution of pipe laying works. Getting to know the plans, examining elements according to isometrics, spatial presentation of pipelines, mathematical calculation of angles, falls, lengths, getting to know basic and filling materials and welding basics.

    The practical part covers the proper storage of material, elements, cutting material, preparation of welds – fitting edges, marking, grinding, welding equipment.